What is lifetime adoption?

Each BeeHive lifetime colony provide a multiplying factor of bee families: each initial hive will have a “+1” annual breeding factor in year 2 and year 3 of development, where BHV team will provide land parcel and case, adopter will provide the bee family.

  • adoption spot reservation : 30000 BeeHive. Unlocking 10000 BHV in year 2 and 10000 BHV in year 3.
  • breeding factor : +1 in year 2 and year 3.
  • different types of adoption contributions provide different raw material results to be harvested: 3 types of adoption accounts: Basic (<10 hives), Premium (<50 hives) and Business (>50 hives adopted).
  • Adoptions timeframe - open: 01.10.2018; adoption close: 25.12.2018
  • Alpha Colonies places can be traded on waves DEX, pair: Hives/BTC
  • adoption spot reservation : 20000 BeeHive. Unlocking 5000 BHV in year 2 and 5000 BHV in year 3.
  • breeding factor : +1 in year 2 and year 3.
  • different types of adoption contributions provide different raw material results to be harvested: 3 types of adoption accounts: Basic (<10 hives), Premium (<50 hives) and Business (>50 hives adopted).
  • Adoption timeframe - open: 06.2019 ; adoption close: 01.10.2019
  • the projection for 6, 12 and 24 months;
  • platform access: community access, market, auctions;
  • raw materials: honey (different types), dry pollen, additional products;
  • costs: payable in BHV (defined in USD);
  • delivery costs: paid by adopter in BHV.
  • BeeHive team further Colonies;
  • Local/worldwide beekeepers will be added to BHV project;
  • worldwide investors that will generate private clusters (other types of development architecture, adoption conditions etc).
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Transparency and trust

Adoption project that generate eco-products, combining the transparency of the Waves financial mechanism with the necessity of “green”, to create the ecosystems of tomorrow.

One beekeeping platform

One platform that combines online beekeeping management, raw-material marketplace and services around the world. Get any goods or services with our BeeHive token.

BeeHive token utilities

BeeHive Token utilities are reflected through the various products and services offered for BeeHive owners: bees raw materials available on our shop, adoption services, inside bee-ecosystem payments and revenues through BeeHive platform.

Blockchain based profiles

BeeHive “passive mining” system allow their supporters to manage a powerful mining mechanism (adopting a hive) that will be upgraded each year (natural bee breeding), managing an eco-business in another part of the world.

Open Platform for BeeHive Adopters

BeeHive Platform - digital environment – a bridge between bees requirements, necessities and results of community efforts to improve the beekeeping sector.

Each participant will be able to be part of our bee ecosystem, contributing to bee families wellbeing.
A transparent and easy way to have an overview at any time.
Our Bee ecosystem will offer access to different bounty programs that will boost BeeHive Project.
Through Warehouse and Packing module, any adopter can manage their results of taking care of the bees.

Hive Tracker


All physical BeeHive adopters can have access to the BeeHive backend. The BeeHive backend shows all current properties & measurements of your beehives, including honey weight, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, geographical position, as well as historical data, along with charts and graphs.

All the measurements are automated with our self-developed digital Hive Tracker Nodes. Every hive has a tracker node installed and each node communicates with our master server to report the measured values to the BeeHive backend via our local group access points. is the only service in the world where you can own a beehive with an included measurement tracking node.

The Hive Tracker Node facilitates the automated measuring of the beehive’s different parameters.

The main brain of the Hive Tracker Node is the WiFi enabled Espressif ESP8266 microcontroller. Every node connects to the local group WiFi access point and periodically reports all the measurements to our Master Tracking Server via a secure HTTPS connection. Logging in to your BeeTracker account allows you to see these values as well as historical values along with charts & graphs. The Hive Tracker Node contains various digital sensors to measure the inside temperature, humidity and barometric pressure from inside the hive, as well as the outside ambient light level. Load cells are used to automatically measure the weight of the honeycombs.

We have several beehive yards out of which our adopters can choose the location of their beehive for every blooming season. All of our beehive yards have solar power and AC utility backup power. An internet connection is facilitated by a LTE connected wifi hotspot, through which the Hive Tracker Nodes send the data to the Master Tracking Server. In the future we will accept beehives from external beehive affiliation partners, out of which backers can adopt a hive. Our staff will do the ingestion of the external beehives, including the installation of the Hive Tracker Nodes into every adopted hive.

Hive Tracker Nodes are powered using 12V DC from the local group solar power supply, to avoid excessive battery maintenance and to avoid bothering the hives unnecessarily.

Hive Tracker for BeeHive Adopters

Hive Tracker - The Hive Tracker Node facilitates the automated measuring of the beehive’s different parameter

Power DC 7-26V 500mA max
MCU Espressif ESP8266 160MHz
Band 801.11 b/g/n WiFi
Sensors Bosch BME280 digital I2C temperature, humidity and pressure sensors
Location modules BN-220 UART GPS + GNSS module
Load 4x50kg cells



Bee adoption project based on Blockchain management

  • Adopting a hive will bring quality natural products rewards for bee life cycle support.
  • Adopters will have access to honey market inside BeeHive platform.
  • Possibility to vote according to adopted hives.
  • Community organized visits per year at your hives.
  • Active platform access – manage your personal bee hives business plan.
  • Adopters will have the possibility to participate at annual beekeeping courses.
  • Adopters can pass adoption rights to new adopters through Adoption Auction.

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BeeHive Project is developing a global data-driven beekeeping platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

2018 Q1 Define and modulate APIS Token Project
2018 Q2 Start online store and platform functionalities
2018 Q3 Launch online store and beekeeping registration
2018 Q4 Release new version of
2019 Q1 Rebranding APIS token in BeeHive token and release BeeHive beekeeping platform.
2019 Q2 New services and products released and a new website.
2019 Q3 New platform modules added.
2019 Q4 New beekeeping partnership for 2020 presented to community.

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